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Farewell party .....
Sunday, 10 June 2012 ? 0 Tomodachii ?

ANNYEONG!! Weew lama sya x update apa2 here. Adeii .~
erm bukan pa laa, but lagging baa everytime masuk blog neh ==" HUHU .
Neway, me banyak cerr mao share neh, but ada yang x ingt ody, so nvm laa kan? HEHEHE . Papapon, neh malam mao jalan or not?? Ermm pii mana? Ada la toee HEHEHE . But see ferz laa. Cause sok me school lae, bertugas lae. Nama pon form 6, so banyak tugas laa dii kompleks nantii . Ermm ....
Neway, go new photos to share with you guys^^

This picture has been taken on 07.Jun.2012, at KFC Dongs ..
"Ranie & her boyfiee, Oxford"

They are one of the sweetest couple la bagii saya.. napa? Bab bof dea tolong pegangkan hadiah sii Ranie selama kami buat neh party .. HAHAHA sweet kenen sii Oxford baa :P HEHE jan marah arr Oxford and Ranie xD Ermm actually saya ada buat slide show tuk kao ba neh Ran, tapii sya xdapat bvawa kasii tgk kao . Sorry arr . But seriously, CUTE kan present yg si RienJin kasii pilih tuk kao? Toe hairband ^^ HEHE <3
Pink2 gitoe :P See that present box ? Toe Ajin also pick tuk kao ^^ HEHE :D

More new photos? Ermm just wan show some stuff la tuk kamo :D ::::
"HKitty casing my Dear gave me ^^"
---> Lama jugak laa me tunggu neh casing, bukan apa, everytime me go kedai etoe org arr, tutp sedja ==" Ajin cakap maybe secondary pnya kedai, tats y dea always ttup. Then kbetulan harii toe my dear go that kedai, and it's OPEN! So he bought for me laa :D
Bby sukaa sangat diz casing ^^ ThankYou my dear :DD

---> HAHAHA apa sya buat? Ow saya sedang promote Bun yg dii berii oleh kawan sya.. hahaha.Memang kerja gila laa tym toe. Kelas start pukul 0730, so buang laa tebiat yg ada toe. HEHEHE <3

Thanks for reading :)

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