♥Forever Young♥

...Sii Dea bertudung?? Baru belajar pakaii??
Saturday, 28 January 2012 ? 6 Tomodachii ?

Woww!! Lama nyaa tidak online blog saya!! hehe. Well, tao laa, bBand dah kena cut juj xD haha. Ciann saya.
Well takpa, ada masa tgok, sya update2 gak laa blog sya yang ndak sberapa neh ^^ Hehe.
Tengok tajuk pon dah tao kan? Yups, saya dalam proses untuk belajar memakaii tudung juj! Aiseh xD Hehe.
Bila lagii kan? Sekarang laa masa nyaa :P

Kalao mao tengok rupa sii Enna neh bertudung, beginii la rupa nyaaa.~

Okay, okay xlaa sebagus mana, tapii seriously, sya rasa selesaaa tol pakaii tudung neh ^^
Dah terbuka maybe hatii saya mao pakaii tudung neh :P
Hehehe :P Tapii insyaAllah, saya akan pakaii gak, even bukan sekarang dengan fully nya :))

Thanks for reading :)

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Hey there! I'm EnnaChabey Shahzriennah .
Known as 'EnnaChabey' here .
I'm NOT single. In other word, I'm TAKEN by him ⇨ Mr.R.Jin .
Not new, I used to have many accounts before . I'm random, sometimes .
I love my friends and family . They mean the world to life, and I will enjoy every second of it.
I'm not an out-going person, and pretty easy to have new friends .
I have a strong personality, it might take you years to bring me down .
I love to help people, and I'm a good listener, so if you ever needed to talk, I'm always but please, NO DRAMA!
I always be myself, and I won't change for anyone, love me, hate me! Boohoo, I couldn't careless!
I'll treat you the way you treat me . Easy , right ?
I've been through alot with people, and it has made me stronger .
I don't smoke now , and will never drink alcohol . It's suck . Atleast for what I thought .
Why would they drink that and get drunk ? What was the main purpose ?
To have fun ?? What's the use of playground . LOL jk .
Whatever floats your boat ♥
You might think I'm a conceited and proud person but NO it's cause you don't know me, so don't judge .
Try to be mean and I will give you my sweetest smile ever!
I can be one of your best girlfriend , only IF you treated me right .
I LOVE-DAMN-HELL-MUCH with cute stuff .
I have people whom inspired me and I adored ♥ They are :
★ Avril Lavigne
★ Orianthi
★ AmberOnFire
★ Hannah Beth
★ Audrey Kitching
★ Zee Avi
★ SHINee
★ Beast
★ Infinite
★ BigBang (DaeSung Oppa)

I'm the nicest person if you know me better , no joke .
But don't pretend it , cause you'll regret it later .
Hate me nor Love me , Im still gonna shine FYI .

If you're a hater first off all:
♥ Thanks, you make me hella famous .

♪Forever Young - One Direction♪