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...SHOWoff Kejap ^^
Monday, 19 December 2011 ? 0 Tomodachii ?
Hey Hey. Jam menunjukkan pukul 1105pm >.< Nope, sya masih belum mengantuk. Huhuu. Hari neh belajar jadii kelawar jap. Hehehe. Neway, neh ada barang mao show sama kamoe ^^ Haha. Bukan pa la, just photo :P
Hehe. Neh pic darii seorang kawan Facebook. Dea darii German ^^ Nama dea Sabrinah Miiki Sopha.
Neh link fb dea ^^ ---> http://www.facebook.com/XoFreakyCoreXo <--- . Dea orang puteh, tapii sangat Friendly dan Baik hatii ^^ Wops, balik pasal photo yang sya mao show tadii, neh photonya ^^

Nampak nama saya?? Hehe. Yang daalam petak toe laa ^^ *showOFF* :P Dea jahit sendirii dea cakap. Nama-nama kawan FB yang laen pon ada gak there :) Comel!! Kalau ada jual, komfom beli ^^ Haha. Tapii kalau tgk lama-lama beg neh, macam ada kawan pernah pakaii xD hehe w o p s ^^

Ohyeah! Before saya lupa, dea gak ada buatkan Fansign tuk saya ^^ Fansign toe apa? Aiyoo >.< Nah neh la fansign yang dea buatkan ^^


See? Toe la namanya fansign ^^ Fansign neh slalunya dii buat untuk dii jadikan bukti yang Kita neh bukan la "FAKER/POSER". Yups Yups! So, She's Real ^^ Hehe. *puji-puji la dulu* Hehehe. So pasal dea cukup sampaii di cney la ^^ Ow, nantii me nak show Fansign-fansign yang kawan2 me pernah buatkan tuk me :)
Check them out SOON ^^

Thanks for reading :)

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Hey there! I'm EnnaChabey Shahzriennah .
Known as 'EnnaChabey' here .
I'm NOT single. In other word, I'm TAKEN by him ⇨ Mr.R.Jin .
Not new, I used to have many accounts before . I'm random, sometimes .
I love my friends and family . They mean the world to life, and I will enjoy every second of it.
I'm not an out-going person, and pretty easy to have new friends .
I have a strong personality, it might take you years to bring me down .
I love to help people, and I'm a good listener, so if you ever needed to talk, I'm always but please, NO DRAMA!
I always be myself, and I won't change for anyone, love me, hate me! Boohoo, I couldn't careless!
I'll treat you the way you treat me . Easy , right ?
I've been through alot with people, and it has made me stronger .
I don't smoke now , and will never drink alcohol . It's suck . Atleast for what I thought .
Why would they drink that and get drunk ? What was the main purpose ?
To have fun ?? What's the use of playground . LOL jk .
Whatever floats your boat ♥
You might think I'm a conceited and proud person but NO it's cause you don't know me, so don't judge .
Try to be mean and I will give you my sweetest smile ever!
I can be one of your best girlfriend , only IF you treated me right .
I LOVE-DAMN-HELL-MUCH with cute stuff .
I have people whom inspired me and I adored ♥ They are :
★ Avril Lavigne
★ Orianthi
★ AmberOnFire
★ Hannah Beth
★ Audrey Kitching
★ Zee Avi
★ SHINee
★ Beast
★ Infinite
★ BigBang (DaeSung Oppa)

I'm the nicest person if you know me better , no joke .
But don't pretend it , cause you'll regret it later .
Hate me nor Love me , Im still gonna shine FYI .

If you're a hater first off all:
♥ Thanks, you make me hella famous .

♪Forever Young - One Direction♪